The digital world of information technology

Teglo  - Is a Technical Glossary divided into four topics from A to Z.

[Glosse "explanatory, interpretive, mocking a side note," from Latin glossa, and "from Greek glõssaêma tongue, language" derived by lat-Greek. gloss, "a difficult word requires explanation"; glossary glossary of Latin and Greek glõssárion

What is actually behind the abbreviation DIN? What makes the EICTA? And what are Heinrich Rudolf Hertz has to do with electrical engineering? In the section of the glossary for the Electrical Engineering you can to learn more about.

Tux Copyright by Larry Ewing, Simon Budig and Anja GerwinskiOr do you know about CEC? And why a TV needs an I²C bus? What exactly is MPEG? In the section of the glossary for the digital information technology you will find many terms and abbreviations used in this.

If you want to know what does ISDN means? Or may want to know what a Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex are? In the section of the glossary for the communication technology will be explained and such other terms and descriptions.

digital_logo2Are you more interested in computers and computer technology? This would allow the Glossary for computer technology be interesting. If you are curious about what Linux are? Do you know the different storage media such as SD or CF cards?


There are so many abbreviation names in the information technology, and hardly anyone knows what does the stange names means. In this technical glossary you can refer to abbreviations and terms on various sections. So have fun and enjoy it.


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